Conference Calls 

Simple Instant and Reliable 24/7

It’s easy to get set up

Setting up your free account is so easy, it takes just 30 seconds, all you need to do is enter your email address. We will instantly email your new pin numbers and the list of international dial in access numbers.

You only pay for the cost of your own telephone call

The only thing you pay for is the cost of your telephone call and this cost appears on your normal telephone bill from your own regular telephone service provider (e.g. eir)

It’s very secure and reliable

We understand the importance of providing a secure and reliable conference call service. That’s why we use the exact same carrier grade fiber optic phone lines just like your own telephone line. No voip lines.

Talk as long as you want and record your calls for free

You can talk as long as you want with no restrictions, invite up to 50 participants, you can even record your conference call for free and the only cost you pay is the cost of your own individual telephone call.

Monthly billing Service – – Audio,Video and Web conferencing 

We also offer a monthly billing conference call service Conference365. There is no contract, no fixed monthly fee, it’s pay as you go. For more information please click on the link below:

Key Features!

  • Instant set up, 30 Seconds

  • No contract, No invoice

  • Up to 50 participants

  • Free call recordings

  • Talk as long as you want