How it Works

Setting up Your Free Account is so Easy!

Setting up your free conference call account is so easy, it only takes 30 seconds, all you need to do is enter your email address. We will then instantly email your free pin numbers, with the list of international dial in access numbers and user guide.

No pre booking required – make a conference call, whenever you want!

It’s always available 24/7, with no booking required. You can invite up to 50 participants to every call, dial in from your landline or mobile phone and you can even record your conference calls for free. You can talk as long as you want.

Large conference calls – your account has the capacity for up to 200 participants.

Local numbers in 30+ countries –  international conference calls, couldn’t be easier.

If you have any questions about our service, please call us anytime on 01 284 6958 ]

How to Create Your Free Account?

Go to create my pins 
Enter your email address 
Click the green button and your free pin numbers will be instantly emailed to you 

How to Conference Call 3 Simple Steps

Arrange your call
– Decide the date and time of your conference call
Invite your participants
– Email the participant pin number and Ireland dial in number (0818 270 094) or international number with date and time to your participants
Starting your conference call
– At the agreed time all dial the Ireland dial in number (0818 270 094) or international number
– You will be asked to enter your pin number and give your name
– Participants who dial in early will hear on hold music, the call will only begin once the host/chairperson enters their pin number and just hang up when you are  finished.

How to Control Your Conference Call – Special Features

Mute Your Line – press #6

By pressing #6, the host or the participants can mute or un-mute their own personal line. This is very useful feature if you are in a noisy or busy location.

Head Count – press #1

This allows the host and participants to hear the number of people that have joined the conference call.

Roll Call – press #2

This enables the host of the call to hear the names of all the participants, that was pre – recorded as they entered the conference call.

Security : Lock Your Conference Call – press #3

This allows you to lock and unlock your conference call. Locking a conference call stops anyone else from joining it, giving participants peace of mind if sensitive information is being discussed and preventing unnecessary interruptions.

Mute All the Participants Lines – press ##

This enables the host/chairperson to mute/un-mute all their participants. Muting means that all your participants can still hear you but there will be no interruptions from your participants, especially if they are in a noisy location.

Private Roll Call – press #7  

This allows the host/chairperson to hear who is on the call without the participants hearing.

Private Head Count – press #9  

Allows the host/chairperson to hear how many people are on the call without the participants hearing.

Free Call Recording : Record Your Conference Call – press #8

This allows you to record a conference. To start the recording, press #8. (You will be asked to confirm this by pressing 1). To stop and save the recording, press #8 again and confirm or just hang up the telephone.

After a few minutes, we will email you a secure link to download your recording in MP3 format. Recordings are kept on our system for 7 days, so you have a week to download them.

Key Features!

  • Instant set up, 30 Seconds

  • No contract, No invoice

  • Up to 50 participants

  • Free call recordings

  • Talk as long as you want